Activists fault WHO report on Fukushima radiation

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In a New York symposium marking the two-year anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown in Japan, the physicians took issue with WHO’s conclusion in a recent report that it did not expect a significant surge in cancer in Japan or elsewhere due to radiation leaks.

Mondays symposium featured presentations from biologists, epidemiologists and other scientists on the health effects of nuclear accidents.

Caldicott cited one survey done by a Fukushima medical organization that showed 42 percent of 100,000 children sustained thyroid abnormalities, such as a cyst or a nodule.  The survey showed three children with thyroid cancer and seven additional cases of suspected cancer.

She said data showed that three times as much radioactive xenon, and possibly three times as much cesium, escaped at Fukushima as at Chernobyl, the nuclear plant in the Ukraine that released huge amounts of radioactive particles into the atmosphere after an explosion and fire in 1986.

via Activists fault WHO report on Fukushima radiation.

Written by bothernews

March 12, 2013 at 1:56 am

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