United States Patent: 7663281 – Magnetic Field Generating Device

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Magnetic Field Generating Device

7663281Fig4 7663281Fig3 7663281Fig2 7663281Fig1

FIG. 4 is a side view of the core 12 surface of the present invention. Shown are the interspersed sections of dielectric material 18 and conductive material 20. During the basic start up procedure the starter motor is energized causing the outer ring 16 to start rotation, both the inner ring 14 and the outer ring 16 are then charged (oppositely) through brushes causing the inner ring 14 to begin rotation in the opposite direction via the interface; voltage increase causes ring acceleration, which creates an anti-gravity field, further voltage increase causes stronger repulsion then charging the core magnifies the repulsion. To induce magnetic field, the core 12 face lines are vertical and the ring face lines are diagonal correspondingly to direction of ring rotation.

via United States Patent: 7663281.

United States Patent 7,663,281
Nau February 16, 2010

Magnetic field generating device


A magnetic field generator that utilizes two concentric rings with similarly charged electro-magnets to repel the rings in opposite orbits around an electrically charged central core to create the magnetic field.

Inventors: Nau; Jeffrey J (Anchorage, AK)
Family ID:41665794
Appl. No.: 10/931,011
Filed: August 31, 2004

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