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The Black Budget: $52.6 Billion

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The Black Budget: Top secret U.S. intelligence funding – Interactive Graphic – Washington Post



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NSA abuses contradict Obama and congressional claims of oversight

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The NSA broke privacy rules more than 2,700 times within just one year, according to a May 2012 internal NSA report that was leaked to the Washington Post, along with other secret documents.


Since the public learned in June about sweeping National Security Agency programs, government officials from President Obama on down have insisted the nation’s surveillance programs are subject to layers of oversight.

“I am comfortable that the program currently is not being abused,” Mr. Obama said in a press conference last week, when he announced new efforts at increasing transparency. “Part of the reason they’re not abused is because these checks are in place.”

However, the latest revelation that the NSA violated privacy rules thousands of times, as documented in an internal report — an internal report withheld from at least one leader in Congress responsible for oversight — proves the president and several others in Washington were wrong. The NSA broke privacy rules more than 2,700 times within just one year, according to a May 2012 internal NSA report that was leaked to the Washington Post, along with other secret documents.

“The documents, provided earlier this summer to The Washington Post by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, include a level of detail and analysis that is not routinely shared with Congress or the special court that oversees surveillance,” the Post wrote, noting that Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., had not seen the internal report before the newspaper asked her staff about it.

Some of the violations were a result of human error, some were related to technical challenges and most were unintended, the Post reported. The sheer number of violations, however, will raise concerns, CBS News national security analyst Juan Zarate said on “CBS This Morning.”

“The fact is, this more than just a few inadvertent episodes,” he said. “It’s really a sense from the internal audits — inside the government — of the violations and overstepping by the NSA.”

“The FISC is forced to rely upon the accuracy of the information that is provided to the Court,” U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton, chief of the FISC, said in a written statement to the Post. “The FISC does not have the capacity to investigate issues of noncompliance, and in that respect the FISC is in the same position as any other court when it comes to enforcing [government] compliance with its orders.”

NSA abuses contradict Obama and congressional claims of oversight – CBS News

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Comprehensive Experimental Analyses of ‘Remote’ Automotive Attack Surfaces

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Remote Vehicle Attack

“…sufficient means for compromising all of [the vehicle’s] systems (including lights, brakes, and engine) without having physical access to the vehicle”

Download:  Here

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DARPA Contract awarded to Charles River Analytics in 2011, 2012

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2012 DARPA Contract Modification = $6,767,214

(2011 Original Contract = $5,975,516)

Contractor Awarded Name:  Charles River Analytics, Inc.

DARPA Charles River

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Charles River Analytics offers powerful modeling software designed with the following key components:

  • Belief Network Modeling [bnet]
    • Belief Networks are powerful modeling tools for condensing what is known about causes and effects into a compact network of probabilities.
  • Computer Vision Components [vision kit]
    • real-time computer vision applications. It supports video acquisition, image analysis, and a broad array of other algorithm needs. VisionKit greatly accelerates system prototyping and development, reducing time and cost.
  • Extensible Application Development [metronome]
  • Hybrid AI Modeling [agent works]
    • a robust set of modeling and analysis tools to support complex computational reasoning and an intuitive visual editor that lets you design and build intelligent systems without writing code.
  • Network Analysis [connect]
  • Probablistic Modeling Services [figaro]
  • Rapid Prototyping [drive]
  • Virtual Character Development [persona]
  • Commercial Services
    • Simulation and Modeling of Individual and Group Behavior


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NSA Snooping Was Only the Beginning. Meet the Spy Chief Leading Us Into Cyberwar | Threat Level |

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In an article on General Keith Alexander, refers to Endgame Systems and describes Bonesaw:

According to Defense News’ C4ISR Journal and Bloomberg Businessweek, Endgame also offers its intelligence clients—agencies like Cyber Command, the NSA, the CIA, and British intelligence—a unique map showing them exactly where their targets are located.

Dubbed Bonesaw, the map displays the geolocation and digital address of basically every device connected to the Internet around the world, providing what’s called network situational awareness. The client locates a region on the password-protected web-based map, then picks a country and city— say, Beijing, China. Next the client types in the name of the target organization, such as the Ministry of Public Security’s No. 3 Research Institute, which is responsible for computer security—or simply enters its address, 6 Zhengyi Road.  The map will then display what software is running on the computers inside the facility, what types of malware some may contain, and a menu of custom-designed exploits that can be used to secretly gain entry. It can also pinpoint those devices infected with malware, such as the Conficker worm, as well as networks turned into botnets and zombies— the equivalent of a back door left open.

Bonesaw also contains targeting data on US allies, and it is soon to be upgraded with a new version codenamed Velocity, according to C4ISR Journal. It will allow Endgame’s clients to observe in real time as hardware and software connected to the Internet around the world is added, removed, or changed. But such access doesn’t come cheap. One leaked report indicated that annual subscriptions could run as high as $2.5 million for 25 zero-day exploits

NSA Snooping Was Only the Beginning. Meet the Spy Chief Leading Us Into Cyberwar | Threat Level |

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