DARPA Contract awarded to Charles River Analytics in 2011, 2012

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2012 DARPA Contract Modification = $6,767,214

(2011 Original Contract = $5,975,516)

Contractor Awarded Name:  Charles River Analytics, Inc.

DARPA Charles River

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Charles River Analytics offers powerful modeling software designed with the following key components:

  • Belief Network Modeling [bnet]
    • Belief Networks are powerful modeling tools for condensing what is known about causes and effects into a compact network of probabilities.
  • Computer Vision Components [vision kit]
    • real-time computer vision applications. It supports video acquisition, image analysis, and a broad array of other algorithm needs. VisionKit greatly accelerates system prototyping and development, reducing time and cost.
  • Extensible Application Development [metronome]
  • Hybrid AI Modeling [agent works]
    • a robust set of modeling and analysis tools to support complex computational reasoning and an intuitive visual editor that lets you design and build intelligent systems without writing code.
  • Network Analysis [connect]
  • Probablistic Modeling Services [figaro]
  • Rapid Prototyping [drive]
  • Virtual Character Development [persona]
  • Commercial Services
    • Simulation and Modeling of Individual and Group Behavior


see also:  Bayesian Belief Networks

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