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Exclusive: FBI warns of U.S. government breaches by Anonymous hackers

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(Reuters) – Activist hackers linked to the collective known as Anonymous have secretly accessed U.S. government computers in multiple agencies and stolen sensitive information in a campaign that began almost a year ago, the FBI warned this week.

The hackers exploited a flaw in Adobe Systems Inc’s software to launch a rash of electronic break-ins that began last December, then left "back doors" to return to many of the machines as recently as last month, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said in a memo seen by Reuters.

The memo, distributed on Thursday, described the attacks as "a widespread problem that should be addressed." It said the breach affected the U.S. Army, Department of Energy, Department of Health and Human Services, and perhaps many more agencies.

Investigators are still gathering information on the scope of the cyber campaign, which the authorities believe is continuing. The FBI document tells system administrators what to look for to determine if their systems are compromised.

An FBI spokeswoman declined to elaborate.

Exclusive: FBI warns of U.S. government breaches by Anonymous hackers | Reuters



Excerpt from Million Mask March speech

November 5, 2013

We declare our Independence from the Enlightened Few who seek to Subjugate and Rule. 

We declare our Freedom from an All powerful Beaurocracy.  
Power belongs to the Governed and is better managed locally. 

We declare our intention as the Children of Love and Freedom, to fill this Earth with lives full of LOVE, RESPECT, & THANKSGIVING, not servitude to the ever more Heartless Iron Fist. 

We are now Awakened and United, and as people with hopes and feelings, deserving of the bounty this Planet can provide. 
Let Us contemplate these words.  Meditate on their Meaning, and Let Us return a year from now, on November 5, 2014 a Stronger, Wiser, Infinitely Loving People ready to Give more than we Take. 

Humanity will either Transcend its baser impulses or we shall allow ourselves to be Destroyed. 

If there is to be a New World Order, let the People decide what it is to be.  We have seen enough war, pestilence, famine, and death.  A new age of Freedom, Charity, Peace, and Love has begun so that all the Peoples of America & the World may Thrive. 

The change that is going to happen and is happening right here right now needs to start with you. Their power is the peoples ignorance.

To all of the soldiers around the world of every nation, right now I ask you to stand down and return home to your families. 

To the Powers that Be, We the People stand here united upon this common ground of fairness, justice and freedom, We have come here not only with anger in our eyes but with love in our hearts.  We the People will bestow upon you the mercy you have denied others.

We will not stop.  We will not give up.

You should have expected us.

Speech from Million Mask March in Washington DC


Written by bothernews

November 16, 2013 at 6:37 pm