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Scientists discover that our brain waves can be sent by electrical fields – ScienceAlert

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15 JAN 2016

“The implications are that such directed fields can be used to modulate both pathological activities, such as seizures, and to interact with cognitive rhythms that help regulate a variety of processes in the brain.”

The results indicate that electric fields (ephaptic effects) are capable of mediating propagation of self-regenerating neural waves,” they write. “This novel mechanism coupling cell-by-volume conduction could be involved in other types of propagating neural signals, such as slow-wave sleep, sharp hippocampal waves, theta waves, or seizures.”

If their findings, which are reported in The Journal of Neuroscience, can be expounded in further studies, it could help us to better understand how brain waves are associated with things like memory, epilepsy, and healthy physiology.

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“Spin Ice” Promises Breakthrough in Magnetic Technology

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“Spin Ice” promises a breakthrough in magnetic technology affecting both mass storage and energy conservation, according to the online journal Nature Communication. Researchers at London Centre for Nanotechnology(LCN), working with teams of scientists from Oxford and Cambridge Universities, are delving into the field of low temperature physics. Their preliminary findings confirm a previously unknown reaffirmation of the Third Law of Thermodynamics and suggest possibilities for significant improvements for mass storage devices, among other applications.

Broken down into layman’s terms, this “new” technology may make it possible to “transmit” magnetic fields in much the same way that electricity is transmitted through ordinary copper wires. Meaningful applications of this new technology may make it possible to store much larger amounts of data on computer hard drives, as well as faster operating systems deriving from the direct application of magnetic energy to store and retrieve data.

“Spin Ice” Promises Breakthrough in Magnetic Technology

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